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Scotland United Against Austerity" Rally - Saturday 20 June 2015..

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The STUC, in partnership with organisations comprising the People’s Assembly in Scotland will hold a major anti-austerity rally in George Square, Glasgow, on Saturday 20 June.

The event, now entitled, “Scotland United Against Austerity”, will take place on the same day as a number of rallies throughout the UK. The event in Glasgow will take the form of a rally and will be taken forward in co-operation with the People’s Assembly in Scotland and the main organisations involved in that coalition. The event explicitly aims to involve a range of organisations opposed to austerity.

The main focus of the rally will be to unite opposition to austerity and provide a show of strength in opposition to the Tory Government. You will also have noted the immediate announcement by David Cameron of proposed legislation to further attack trade union freedom. Therefore, it has been agreed that trade union freedom and the need to join a union and get active as clear statement of opposition to austerity will be a key message for the event. It is of immense importance that the plurality of the anti-austerity consensus in Scotland is represented on 20th June. An organised trade union presence and trade union banners are particularly important.